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15 Dec

iOS app design patterns - cover

You are developing or designing a new app, and just got confused with how certain screen like Splash, Login, Lists and forms could look like…don’t pause it there. Visit showcasing awesome iOS apps with screen types. Still thinking…hurry up, click

Making new app..but got no idea!

Alright, worry no more. First things first, get yourself some awareness on how others have done it. Honestly there is billions of apps, and majority have done it really great. So when you launching a new app, you got to be sure, you have something that others have not done it or not done it well before.

Usability is the key to design/develop great apps, but iPhone has proven that it can also come with beauty and elegance. Ever wondered, why all of sudden everyone falls in love with iOS apps? That’s because they can enjoy great user experience with really awesome looking design. Most of the time close to real objects carrying in their hands, like a notepad, calendar  sketchbook  and a clock/timer in your hands.

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6 Dec

Poor readability, clutter of content, less emphasis on clarity of sections and too many obvious issues of alignment/spacing on the homepage making’s new website one of the worst redesign.

Disappointing by surprise!

One of the recent and disappointing surprises I got today is when I visited the, and found the design completely out of this age, and it looks like they have gone back ages in their sense and aesthetics for presenting their brand.

New Redesign

Adobe Website

While everyone is going towards modern, contemporary, web2.0 responsive web design for showcasing their brand, being the prime design tool/products based company on the contrary seems not care too much about it.

Their previous web design was one of the best official website design for a corporate/product based company. That looked modern, contemporary, elegant, very much like Web 2.0, and very crisp and clean.

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Windows 8 – fresh new Start, but same old inside!

28 Nov

Windows 8 Usability Review - Cover

Microsoft Windows 8, has been in the talks for quite a long time now, and has gained significant level of importance among techies and specially those who live by the rule of user experience and design. No doubt, as oppose to previous versions of Windows its not as simple and small tweak in the look, but an entirely fresh idea of interface to interact with software. Having said that, the buzz does not seem to be justified by looking at the Start screen only, because there is all that more that we use everyday on Windows, and it has that old same look.

I can tell you how it looks, when I used it for 30 minutes.

Brand new look! on Start!

Alright, here we power-on, and Wow. It stars very fast and there you see it “oooooh Metro, oh i mean Windows8 Style UI start screen”. No doubt, it looks really Cool and AWESOME!

So as I see all new nicely tiled Start screen, my first impression is where is the desktop. I am looking for Start button, a taskbar and desktop shortcuts for my software. With all that in mind, it takes a fraction of minutes to digest the all new look of Windows 8.

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IE10, how much it scores out of 10!

16 Nov

Quick Facts = When launched from the desktop, it looks same as IE9. It scores 320+6/500 when tested for HTML5 while Safari takes lead. F12 Developer tool is still increasingly shoddy compared to the Firefox tools, Firebug, the Webkit Inspector etc. Metro mode is ideal for tablets and touch-screens. and Yes it faster than IE9.

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NOTE’d – 30 Minute Review (iPhone App)

13 Nov

NOTE'd iPhone App

Quickly note-down my thoughts on the go, quickly create a short list of points before I go to a meeting, quickly take notes while I am in the meeting with others, quickly note-down list of shopping items before going to grocery store, Oh I got an idea and I can quickly note it down. I am driving and I can quickly add voice memo.

When your iPhone gets overloaded with a lot of Apps, Pictures, Movies, Songs and data, then you start to get rid of some of these which are not in use. So I am removing apps that are not really important, or I don’t want those on my iPhone anymore.

Every time while I am doing that, I have for some reason never want to delete this one app from my iPhone and that is NOTE’d.

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24 Oct iOS app review

Most of the time I am struggling a lot with managing my tasks at work, at home and reminders for this and that. And there are many reasons for which I keep looking for a TODO app, which can be better than the ones I have, even though the one I have is very useful and comprehensive (i am talking about “things”!)

One of my friends told me about, and his point of suggestion was that its too simple and also looks good (he quoted metro!) And And since I care too much about how attractive an app looks I immeidately googled and tried to get review about it.

Ok, they say its awesome! but for me its too simple that it feels incomplete.

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