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24 Oct iOS app review

Most of the time I am struggling a lot with managing my tasks at work, at home and reminders for this and that. And there are many reasons for which I keep looking for a TODO app, which can be better than the ones I have, even though the one I have is very useful and comprehensive (i am talking about “things”!)

One of my friends told me about, and his point of suggestion was that its too simple and also looks good (he quoted metro!) And And since I care too much about how attractive an app looks I immeidately googled and tried to get review about it.

Ok, they say its awesome! but for me its too simple that it feels incomplete.

App installed, showing new icon on my phone

Any.Do iPhone App icon

App installed for first time on my iPhone, and I am looking at the icon. hmmm, this look. Yes it does feel like clean, simple app from its icon. So good job on this. ScreenLaunching the app

Alright, so the app starts and plays a simple how to video for adding your first task (you hardly know its a video), and options to signup for an account (which is options), you can skip it also. It gives focus on facebook because it shows big bold Facebook signup button. You also see other options such as Login, or Register links.

Once you are through the initial screens, you are ready to add your first TODO, by simply swiping/dragging vertically on your screen.

It looks Metro UI on iOS – does it makes sense!

Any.DO features a simplistic design and focuses on making the tasks easily accessible and visible to the user. However, when I look at it, in the first place, it reminds me Windows8 Metro UI. So as an iOS user, does it feels natural on an Apple device. I find it hard to accept, sorry!
Microsoft reportedly changing Metro design branding to ‘Windows 8’

It feels like tasks are less emphasized! and Things iPhone has a lot of competition on iOS platform. Looks like few of the top ranking apps have done it correct on emphasizing tasks, by using the correct typography style, large enough font size, thickness in font weight, spacing and separation between each task, showing related details like project/tag it belongs to, placing tasks in a list container etc.

Hold your phone when using, it feels like Ok, where is my tasks (because their typography style is very thin, they loose their importance by choosing the wrong font style.)

Even though its very simple interface, I still want to see these lists in some containing boxes (like a native list-box of iOS interface), because these feel like floating in the air and I have to use my brain to separate each task and category from each other.

One thing that many iOS users love is while using Apple apps, you don’t have to spend time on thinking and separating different elements in a interface. They are clearly visually intuitive enough.

I think this is one thing that bothered me all the time, that I can hardly separate one tasks with another, because they feel like simple list or para on a small mobile screen, or their folders don’t have enough visual to make them look separate sections.

Gestures perform actions, but in portrait view only! Landscape View

If you swipe/drag down the screen, you are ready to add new task. Pull down and hold to initiate voice input (and it uses its own voice recognition, which is compared to SIRI, has terrible voice recognition.) You can swipe horizontally on a task to mark it as completed.

All of these features and few others, work only when you viewing app in Portrait mode. Most of these gestures not recognized when using phone in ladscape mode (although in landscape you might like the detailed view of calender with tasks.)

Its too simple, it feel like incomplete!

No doubt its very simple application, and for some one who likes getting things done, such as “Make a call”, “Buy a present for wife for wedding anniversary”, “Pay bills”, “Buy milk when going home” kind of stuff. It is still an incomplete app, to use for managing professional work life tasks and cleaning mess.

Not optimized for iPad, can you believe that!

Any.DO is simply not optimized for iPad’s larger screen. I don’t have to add any words here…

For example, it lacks…

1. Task groups have less features

I would like to keep my tasks grouped as per “Projects” , by “Work Role”, “Designing Web” or lets say “Usability Reports” and each of these categories might have some deadlines, tags to group them by type, have notes on each of above etc.

2.Lack of ability to Repeat task

I would like to add tasks to repeat with a defined schedule or a specific date of each month. Such as we do in Official Reminder app of iOS 5 allows users to repeat a reminder every day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, and even every year. Or in Things, I can create an scheduled task repeat on specific date of each month. such as “Pay Credit Card bills” on 4th of each month.

3.Lack of ability to make future task visible in Today for remider

I have many tasks scheduled for tomorrow, day after tomorrow, this week and may be next month. I would still want some of those tasks to be visible in my Today’s TODO list so that they keep reminding me as “Ok, I am aware of these tasks.

One last thing! though, and is definitely a good app to manage anything from a shopping list to a job from a projects. But it barely covers the bases, and doesn’t add anything of value to list makers that you can’t already find in great apps such as Things and Awesome Note.

I am using these…

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