IE10, how much it scores out of 10!

16 Nov

Quick Facts = When launched from the desktop, it looks same as IE9. It scores 320+6/500 when tested for HTML5 while Safari takes lead. F12 Developer tool is still increasingly shoddy compared to the Firefox tools, Firebug, the Webkit Inspector etc. Metro mode is ideal for tablets and touch-screens. and Yes it faster than IE9.

Oh! Yes it now runs on Win7

IE 10 Tile on Start ScreenWindows 7 users now can enjoy the new browser’s faster speed and support for higher standards, while IE10 initially launched as an integral component of Windows 8. Currently, the Windows 7 version is known as “preview,” and it’s available for download. (does that means ‘beta’, in other words!)

Download, Install

Windows8 Launched with IE10 installed by default and you, the Windows 7 users were still using IE9. Now you can try it yourself, and download on your Windows 7 PC, visit Microsoft’s TestDrive.

Launch IE10, what you see is IE9!

I downloaded, Installed and wohala I am running it…but wait, is there any difference!

When launching IE10, I can hardly spot the difference comparing it with IE9. It looks same. In features, it does the same with a little improvement, such as, pinned sites on the new Start Screen, or Taskbar, Peek and window snap, just lists etc. Comparing with its competetors, it may not look as pretty as Chrome, Firefox etc.

Navigation buttons (forward and back in history) are integrated well into the window. Tabs and the address bar share the same space.  With too many tabs open, UI looks crowded. Users can get to all of the options from the little gear icon on the top right. The options menu is still there for the more technically inclined but it hasn’t received any update.


Finally supports HTML5 as as all!

Oh, yes it does support HTML5 to an extent where it can compete with other browsers, pretty well. Finally and finally supports CSS3 like text-shadow, transforms, and animations.

While automated compliance testing rarely shows the whole story, we can see that IE10 surpasses IE9 by a considerable margin:

IE10 HTML5 Check

Out of a possible 500, IE9 earned a score of 138 with 5 bonus points, compared with 448 and 13 bonus for Google Chrome. IE10 changes this picture considerably, with a score of 320 and 6 bonus points. While Safari still taking the lead. Looks Steve Jobs really pushed Safari to be the best alternative to flash.

IE10 has taken one level further by including HTML5 Touch Events, which lets a webpage respond to gestures.

Yes, it runs faster than IE9

Quickest browser yet, is definitely IE10 on Windows 7. Here is reality check…

Test IE10 Chrome 23 Firefox 16
Webkit SunSpider (lower = better) 878.8ms 812.6ms 762.8ms
Google V8 (higher = better) 1488 3157 1707
MS 2,000 fish fps (higher = better) 5fps 2fps 8fps

When I ran it first time, it felt really faster compared on my windows 7 coreI7 Dell laptp. But by looking at the tests i did on these browsers, it appears that Chrome and Firefox taking lead.

When will Microsoft understand the need for Robust Debug Tool!

While developing web pages, there is always been this need for a robust debug tool like FireBug on FirFox or in Chrome. IE is a hell, when it comes to developing browser compatible web pages. When developing sophisticated websites, with interactions, responsive design etc, while everything runs perfect on FireFox, Chrome and Safari there you face hundreds of browser compatibility issues with IE. Fixing issues in these popular browser is as easy as editing a document in Photoshop and thanks to FireFox. But IE’s Developer Tool has never learned and has never evolved to facilitate the web developers like us.

IE10 has same F12 Developer Tools as IE9 and it’s better than nothing, but badly developed compared to the Firefox tools, Firebug, the Webkit Inspector etc.

As well as increasing check of compatibility filters I browser like checking rendering mode as …

IE10 compatibility mode
IE9 standards and quirks modes
IE8 standards and quirks modes
IE7 standards and quirks modes

Ultimately, Microsoft has few excuses. I hope they concentrate on those facilities now less urgent work is required on the Trident rendering engine.

One last thing!

Ok, let me say … IE10 is a good browser. Faster and offers the most of HTML5 and CSS3 features we find in Chrome and Firefox.

We appreciate you IE10:

  • For tablets you can enjoy Metro mode, and enjoy touch gestures
  • Excellent support for HTML5 and standards
  • A fast interface with deep OS integration

IE10 bad points:

  • Extremely Poor development tools, why Microsoft never grow-up
  • Microsoft’s pace of development is too slow

IE10 has tried to level up with other browsers — but it’s not there yet.

We all know, we will hardly love IE10. Sorry, Microsoft.

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7 Responses to “IE10, how much it scores out of 10!”

  1. Steve January 2, 2013 at 6:32 AM #

    There are many improvements in IE10. But, I feel that IE10 is still slower though I do not have any benchmarks. IE 10 also does not support html5 SSE (server-sent event). The problem is that we developers still have to support IE8 and IE9, and we will have browser compatibilty problems for a long time.

  2. Noreen Talpur November 23, 2012 at 9:21 AM #

    Nowadays I m in love with Windows8..Its not that much user friendly but have UI like we mostly see in Apple products… you perform your daily job assignments in much more interactive environment… which is an intresting point in win8 i think..

  3. Anonymous November 23, 2012 at 9:13 AM #

    I have used IE10 in Win8 and found that microsoft have tried well to make IE10 as good as other browers(like chrome, firefox).. but still chrome and firefox’s flexibility ratio is more than IE10…There is still need of some hard work .. I will give IE10
    8/10 ..

    • xclusivesalman November 23, 2012 at 12:59 PM #

      Absolutely, the workforce at Microsoft and thinkers, need to push harder on building robust but moreover reliable tools that add ease in the hands of users using web.

  4. xclusivesalman November 19, 2012 at 11:19 AM #

    Reblogged this on Designers Blog and commented:

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  5. fr November 18, 2012 at 2:23 PM #

    Your benchmark results for IE10 seem strange.

    For me sunspider 166.5ms on IE10 vs 233.1ms Firefox 17 Beta, V8 IE10 4998, Firefox 7444

    • xclusivesalman November 18, 2012 at 6:31 PM #

      Hi Fr, there was an error in my results previously, but I updated blog with latest one. Still not sure how your states differ. May be you share your results page URL.

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