redesign done pathetic!

6 Dec

Poor readability, clutter of content, less emphasis on clarity of sections and too many obvious issues of alignment/spacing on the homepage making’s new website one of the worst redesign.

Disappointing by surprise!

One of the recent and disappointing surprises I got today is when I visited the, and found the design completely out of this age, and it looks like they have gone back ages in their sense and aesthetics for presenting their brand.

New Redesign

Adobe Website

While everyone is going towards modern, contemporary, web2.0 responsive web design for showcasing their brand, being the prime design tool/products based company on the contrary seems not care too much about it.

Their previous web design was one of the best official website design for a corporate/product based company. That looked modern, contemporary, elegant, very much like Web 2.0, and very crisp and clean.

Previously done website


For your curiosity sake, go check few others, and see for yourself how cool they presenting themselves. Such as

Scroll it yourself! Can you read?

Scroll through the page and scan it from header to footer, all I see is clutter of text. The only thing I can clearly see and it hardly gets my attention is the big bill-board image for “Adobe Illustrator” and its description. In modern responsive website, where we focusing more on playing with typography, and making each and every content easily readable, sections should become in focus and easy to identify the difference between each, seems does not care any of this, not at least today!

Too much alignment, spacing issues!

Designing a website for anyone has become very challenging day by day, because customers for who you want to design the website, has become more touchy about: simple but clear and crisp use of graphics, better use of Typography, elegantly designed content and navigation areas and carefully placing all of these in perfect alignment and spacing.

Looking at the homepage, you immediately notice many issues with content placement, alignment, unbalance between content sizes in same row, improper spacing, margin and padding around content on the page. Can this be this poor? considering

Poor visibility of Adobe products!

The prime focus of should be to highlight its one of the most selling and prime products on their homepage such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash etc. But rather they chose to show one image on the top and its static by surprise. I mean come-on in the world of famous JQuery sliders where you can show more than one product with a slideshow very nicely, why are they only showing one product.

Goto homepage and can you find your favorite product, unless Yes you mouse-hover over Products link on header and see a drop-down of links for products.

Footer is junk of links! Can you get anywhere from there!

I can’t expect from a company like Adobe to be showcasing their common accessibility link on footer in such a cluttered layout. Come-on, cant there be any cleaner way of presenting these even on footer, if Adobe don’t know how, look at some of these websites and learn.

Responsive Issues

Come-on, do the Responsive properly!

Open on your favorite mobile device such as iPhone, and it will run as responsive but you will see it done poorly. It appears buggy, issues with text-alignment, improper spacing or too much spacing. It looks like an intern of web-design, has worked on this official Adobe website.

Explore inside! Are they better!

Keep exploring the website, and see it from page to page and link to link. Do you find any of the pages in this re-design looking any better. All of these inside pages have same issues like, clutter of content, small use font for headings and section titles making them hard to get attention, products poorly emphasized.

One Last thing!

Why over-reacting!

We use Adobe products every minute of our life (designers), it’s like an integrated part of our life. All those extremely super awesome websites created using Adobe products, all those wonderful Marketing campaigns become live because of Adobe products and yet the company who created these products is not able to pull out a really awesome presentation for their own official website.

Why I am over reacting, because if you remember the previous re-design on, which was like a Left-Justified layout on the browser, that was Awesome. When you saw that re-design, everyone loved it, and also tried to copy it and follow that as trend for making other websites.

I am sure, you can make better than this.

2 Responses to “ redesign done pathetic!”

  1. Mohiuddin Parekh December 7, 2012 at 7:04 AM #

    Its not even responsive, probably they are showing a separate version for iPhone users. Probably, they are outsourcing website design work to India:)

    • xclusivesalman December 8, 2012 at 4:26 PM #

      May be you can give them a free advice and suggest them how to make a cutting edge website that is responsive as well as parallax.

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