pattrns – Design Great iOS Apps in 30 Minutes!

15 Dec

iOS app design patterns - cover

You are developing or designing a new app, and just got confused with how certain screen like Splash, Login, Lists and forms could look like…don’t pause it there. Visit showcasing awesome iOS apps with screen types. Still thinking…hurry up, click

Making new app..but got no idea!

Alright, worry no more. First things first, get yourself some awareness on how others have done it. Honestly there is billions of apps, and majority have done it really great. So when you launching a new app, you got to be sure, you have something that others have not done it or not done it well before.

Usability is the key to design/develop great apps, but iPhone has proven that it can also come with beauty and elegance. Ever wondered, why all of sudden everyone falls in love with iOS apps? That’s because they can enjoy great user experience with really awesome looking design. Most of the time close to real objects carrying in their hands, like a notepad, calendar  sketchbook  and a clock/timer in your hands.

Lets make an app right now! 30 minutes.

So you were thinking on designing a new app and you have also got a great idea too. Yep, agreed, your idea sounds great! So whats the name of your app? Well, you can choose the better app title later, right now you could say “Lorem Ipsum.”

1. Choose App Icon


To get better understanding on the app icon, again lets see how they done it. Visit and get yourself some awareness on how great app icons been developed for great apps. You can either browse all icons, or choose a category to see specific type of icons of apps. For example if you making a game, check these icons,

2. Choose Splash Screen design

Once your app launched from home screen and while its loading, it should show a loading screen which is commonly known as Splash. Splash gives your users an idea of what this app is about while its loading. Get a clue of some of these great splash screens for their apps.

3. Designing Navigation

Navigation Screen -1

You really have to be very careful with choosing the right design for navigation in your app. It has to intuitive, easy and quick to navigate between screens of your app. See for example these really cool, but highly usable navigation ideas.

4. Showing list of values

Navigation Screen - 2

Most common part of apps is mostly showing list of values and navigating through them. Make sure that scrolling through the list should be easy with fingers. These are great examples

5. Make “Search” very easy and quick!


Mobile users are always in hurry, and they don’t have time to spend time on looking for a particular content, friend name, location or number from within the app. If they don’t find what they need, they will simply scrap that app out from their iPhone permenantely. So yeah you got it, it should be very easy and quick, and they have done it awesome.

6. Everyone wants to share about everything!


We know it and we love it, and we want to share everything with everyone on facebook, twitter, youtube and anywhere else in our social society. So if your app has anything to share, make sure its very easy and quick for them to do so. See how well they do it

7. Exploring Photos and Media!


I don’t have to explain how crazy we are about taking pictures and making movies from our rich, smart phones. Showing these photos and movies

8. Signing Up and Login!


Many utility apps require users to be validated before accessing or sharing the content from apps. If your app requires users to login, or sync with servers and cloud to fetch data then you don’t have to do it in a typical web form style login or signup. Login and Sign up can still be very interesting and aesthetically good.

9. Settings should not be hard!


Last but not the least, every app needs to be configured to match its user’s need and set various options. On web or desktop applications we do this in a very typical style like bunch of forms and tabs, but in apps they have gone much better. See how

Empty screen10. What should we show when their no data!

Yeah well, when there is content you can show it really nicely in your app. But when there is no data, no content, how should that screen be look like. Should you show nothing, or just say “No data/content found” or there is anyway nice you can do. For example


One Last Thing!

So by the end of this article, I hope you have got good enough information and understanding on designing and developing great apps. But yes, all of this cannot happen without understanding the key principals, human interface guidelines that Apple has put in place and handy for developers to make such great apps. You can learn all of that on Apple’s developer website here.

For more on mobile design you can visit…

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  1. Mohiuddin Parekh December 15, 2012 at 8:55 PM #

    Very well written article Salman – My two cents: It could have been a good addition if we create a Interface Description Diagram so that seemingly useful pieces of information/elements couldn’t be less-attentive in UI, while beautifying the design.


  1. pattrns – Design Great iOS Apps in 30 Minutes! « 30 Minute Time Out - December 15, 2012

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